Hi and welcome to my website, I am pleased you can spare the time to take a look. Here is a quick rundown on me and what I do. I started out in photography 37 years ago in the days of 35mm film,changing over to digital in 2003. My main interests have always been photographing live music, wildlife, landscape and portraits.

I had done a lot of wildlife photography in Kenya and Tanzania before moving to Crete where I lived for 12 years, in fact it was while living in Crete that I made the change from film to digital. Since I moved back to the UK 4 years ago I have varied my work more and my trips away have covered lots of North East England locations and the amazing Scottish highlands, where I really do enjoy heading to.

I still do trips to Kenya’s Maasai Mara and to my old stomping ground in Crete, as they are two places very close to my heart as well as being two fantastic places to take a camera to. Photographing live bands and doing shoots for bands is something that I always enjoy, as I have a huge love for music! My kit these days is all Nikon DSLR gear, I have used Olympus [film] and Canon [film and digital] in the past but I just feel more comfortable with Nikon.

I have been lucky enough to cover some amazing events on my photo travels down the years and that is what I want to share with you all on my website. Up to date images of what I am currently photographing along with some of my archive work.

I don’t do workshops but sometimes I ask people if they want to join me on one or two of my trips, it’s purely a way to keep costs of the trips down and to meet likewise people who are interested in either the photography or the locations I am visiting. Hope you all enjoy a browse through my work.

Best regards, Gren.


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