Well the website is now live and I am very pleased with what Andy from Sitely has done with the design. Now it is down to me to keep a supply of hand picked images coming for it. Photography has become a very popular pastime so it makes it more interesting trying to capture something different, the internet and in particular social media has opened up a huge market for people to display their work. I realised I wanted to take it another step further and create a website to display my work. Not all my images will be displayed of course, I aim to keep limited to a certain amount, in other words I will be trying to put quality over quantity to attain the galleries that I want. I will be giving a bit of info on the images, settings and where taken etc. The main categories will be Landscape, seascape and wildlife, [British and worldwide]. Also a sprinkling of street ,candid and portrait photography which I love doing too. I will keep you updated on forthcoming photo trips with a little blog on them, plus info on my Nikon equipment and what types of photography I use the different lenses and camera bodies for. Hope you all enjoy viewing the galleries and welcome to my website!!! I will also continue to follow my other passion too, which is photographing live music events. Best regards, Gren.